August 18, 2011—Charles Barbour has launched yet another deceptive negative attack to try to fool the people of District 25. First, as reported by the Madison County Journal today, Charles Barbour was told the truth about a postcard sent by Longwitz supporter Thad McLaurin, yet Charles Barbour continued to lie about both Longwitz and his volunteers. Barbour has inundated voters with multiple negative mailers over the past two weeks. Now, the latest mailer falsely attempts to connect Will Longwitz to President Barack Obama. The people of District 25 deserve better.

Will Longwitz has worked on Capitol Hill for Republican Congressman J.C. Watts. He worked on the presidential campaign of Bob Dole. He volunteered as an attorney for President George Bush’s re-election campaign. He also worked on the Governor’s Commission on Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal after Hurricane Katrina. He has volunteered for Republican causes in Madison County, including efforts to register new voters and recruit new members to the Republican Party.

"I have worked for Republicans on Capitol Hill, and in Republican presidential campaigns," said attorney Longwitz of the mailer. "The very insinuation that I am somehow an Obama supporter is offensive to me, and it is offensive to the voters to treat them like they don’t have the sense to know better."

Longtime Republican activist and former Mississippi GOP State Chairman Billy Powell said the mailer goes too far.

"I’m disappointed Charles is going so negative when everybody knows it’s incorrect," said Powell. "Apparently, Will’s opponent has no issues to run on other than negative attacks. To say Will Longwitz is anything other than a solid Republican is ridiculous."

Madison County resident and political activist Bill Billingsley had this to say: "Will Longwitz is as good a Republican as I have ever met. He has worked tirelessly for the Party, and we should thank him for that. We don’t have to put up with this nonsense. The solution is to get out Tuesday and vote for Will Longwitz."

Longwitz Press Release

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