The letter below was sent to the Mississippi Press following a story that discussed how the Parents’ Campaign, a pro-education administration group graded legislators. The group recruited Superintendents to use the information to strong arm teachers to vote against certain candidates in the past election. Many of those candidates were conservative’s who voted against fully funding MAEP. MAEP is an arbitrary number contrived to fund education at "acceptable levels" each year. However, the funding for Education was one of, if not the only, department funding that did not receive cuts in FY 2010. Seems that considering the budget mess educators would be happy to have the same amount to deal with they did last year. But, then again, this isn’t educators we’re talking about. It’s the Superintendents and administrators, the bureaucrats, who don’t want to see an end to the "gravy train".

Parents’ Campaign Director Nancy Loome’s response was to split a few hairs and say it wasn’t a grade. But, isn’t the percentage of the number an individual gets correct in school a "grade". If this group were as much about teachers and students as they are protecting the cartel at the top of the food chain, they may have a better grasp on the term "grade".

Parents’ Campaign doesn’t grade legislators (letter) |….html

The Parents’ Campaign invites The Mississippi Press and its readers to visit our website (www.msparents and learn more about the education voting records of coastal legislators.

The coast delegation to the state Capitol, including both Republicans and Democrats, traditionally has shown strong support for public education. The majority of state senators and representatives from both parties consistently vote in agreement with The Parents’ Campaign’s positions on education legislation.

Of the 24 legislators who represent Jackson, Hancock and Harrison counties in the state Senate and House, 18 voted with The Parents’ Campaign’s position on education bills 100 percent of the time in the 2011 legislative session. One voted with our position 50 percent of the time, and five voted with our position 0 percent of the time.

The Parents’ Campaign does not grade or rate legislators; we simply present the percentage of times they vote in agreement with our position on education bills.

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