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The Mississippi Tea Party today issued congratulations to Tracy Arnold (HD 3), Randy Boyd (HD 19), Chris Brown (HD 20) and Dennis DeBar (HD105) on winning election to the Mississippi House of Representatives. Ballot counting for another Tea Party endorsed candidate, Charles Busby (HD 111), continues with Mr. Busby having a 57 vote lead as of the moment of this press release.

All were endorsed by the Mississippi Tea Party as part of its “Move the House” campaign. As a result, the Republican Party has won a majority in the Mississippi House of Representatives for the first time since the 1870’s. Importantly, this means the House can elect a new, conservative speaker who can then position Mississippi on a prosperous and freedom loving course that will benefit the State now and for decades to come.

“Since the beginning of 2011, members of the Tea Party movement from around the State have focused their efforts on replacing Billy McCoy and his liberal House leadership with conservatives who better reflect the values of the people of Mississippi,” explained Move the House Committee Chairman Richard Wilbourn.  “The Committee chose conservative challengers in ten strategic districts which our computer analysis indicated could easily switch from liberal to conservative representation.  Each of our successful challengers ran fantastic campaigns, and we are proud to have partnered with them to achieve this victory.”

The Move the House Committee first began to impact the election during the battle for redistricting in March. Committee members effectively rallied conservatives in the Senate to vote down the Reynolds/McCoy redistricting scheme. When the NAACP sued to have a federal court impose the scheme, the Tea Party authored an amicus brief that helped convince that court to uphold the Mississippi Constitution and allow elections to proceed under the current districts.

The Committee then turned efforts to grading the voting records of all 122 House members over the last four years to determine which Representatives are liberal and which are conservative. It then analyzed historic election data from each district and determined which seats currently held by liberals were vulnerable to defeat by a conservative challenger. Finally, based on questionnaire results from each of the primary winners, the Committee chose ten challengers it found to be conservative, qualified, and electable in their districts.

“Once we determined which races to target, we had to find ways to help our endorsed challengers as much as we could,” explained Wilbourn.  “We were able to provide each candidate with valuable candidate training, put them in contact with conservative Representatives, publicize their campaigns on statewide television and talk radio, and supply them with numerous resources through the Mississippi Tea Party’s website.” 

The Committee also raised funds to place targeted advertisements in each candidate’s district and organize a sign blitz in each district on Election Day.

“Ultimately, this was a grassroots, volunteer effort by the members of the local Tea Parties who make up the Mississippi Tea Party and our generous donors,” said Wilbourn.  “We look forward to working with each newly elected Tea Party endorsed representative and the next Speaker of the House to move our State forward towards better and brighter days.”


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