Map of Mississippi highlighting Jackson County
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“Its easy to do a lot of stuff when you have a lot of money,” said Manly Barton, former Jackson County supervisor who is filling the seat left vacant by his friend Frank Hamilton in District 109.

“This is going to be more challenging. If you give one person a dollar youve got to take it from someone else.”One area angling for those dollars is education, and the newcomers said they expect to take active roles in crafting bills such as ones to introduce charter schools.

The charter school idea is favored by Sen. Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula, among others, but has met opposition from some educators.

Tony Smith, a small businessman in Picayune who was elected to represent District 47, is a former school board member and said he finds himself more and more interested in serving on the education committee.

via Insurance, education, budget among top issues for newly elected GOP legislators from southeast Miss. |

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