Here are a few of the latest stories from around the nation regarding Mississippi lawmakers regulation of abortion clinics. House Bill 1390 would require an attending physician to be OB-GYN certified and have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Of course, Governor Bryant is expected to sign the bill.

Look for a great deal of pomp, drama, and gnashing of teeth over the signing of this one.

Mississippi Poised To Tighten Abortion Regulations, Could Close Last Clinic | Fox News

Mississippi could become abortion-free state under proposed law; Sole abortion clinic threatens to sue  – NY Daily News

Mississippi Abortion Bill May Force State’s Only Clinic To Close-Huffington Post

Mississippi legislature tightens restrictions on abortion providers – CNN

U.S. News – Mississippi on way to becoming ‘abortion-free’ state?

Daily Kos: If Mississippi closes state’s only abortion clinic, it won’t stop abortions, just safe, legal ones

Controversial Measure Would Essentially Shut Down Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic – ABC News

Bill dooms only Miss. abortion clinic – MJ Lee –

Miss. passes abortion bill that could shut clinic –

Mississippi cracks down on abortion providers | Florida Independent

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