Pro Life Mississippi President Dana Chisholm released the following statement following the ruling by Judge Daniel Jordan today over the new “Admitting Privileges” law in Mississippi. The law was scheduled to go into affect on July 1, but a temporary restraining order filed by Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic halted implementation until the hearing today.

“We are disappointed that Judge Jordan decided not to allow Mississippi to immediately begin enforcing this very important law to protect the safety of women. We have maintained from the beginning that this law is about women’s health, and no organization or person should be allowed to be a danger to women just because they do so in the name of abortion rights. This is and always has been about protecting women, not about protecting abortionists nor political sacred cows.

Similar laws are already in place in 13 other states holding opportunistic doctors accountable for atrocities against women.

Admitting privileges will require the purchase of malpractice insurance where currently there is no requirement. This law will give injured women redress against the documented shoddy practices of the people that run abortion clinics just like Jackson Women’s Health Organization. On staff OB-GYN’s, as required in the law, will provide a higher level of service for the women of Mississippi. The rejection of that type of need, and the filing of this lawsuit by the managers and lawyers of Jackson Women’s Health Organization shows a lack of respect for women not just in Mississippi, but for women everywhere.

We understand that many challenges remain before the full implementation of this common-sense law. We at Pro Life Mississippi are committed to do as we always have: to fight on behalf of women, to fight for the freedom of those who can’t fight for themselves, and to unashamedly promote the sanctity of life.”


3 thoughts on “Pro Life Mississippi President Dana Chisholm Statement on Judge Daniel Jordan’s ruling in “Admitting Privileges” Abortion Law

  1. Well if Pro Life Mississippi REALLY wants to ” unashamedly promote the sanctity of life.”, why not just come out and tell the truth? They’re pushing for this law to stop abortions, period, and not for so-called “women’s health”. If it were REALLY about women’s health, Ms. Chisholm should prefer that women who insist on abortions GO to the JWHO, rather than seeking out alternative and more dangerous methods to accomplish their goals. What a load of lies.

  2. I agree. Add this push to deny women their legal rights to Mississippi’s abysmal record on teen pregnancy, poor educational standards, and lack of economic mobility and its a wonder anyone actually stays in the state. The GOP “leadership” in the legislature should be ashamed. I can only hope that future generations will point back to this time of tyranny as the low point in the state’s history.

  3. i agree with both of you. i am a moderate republican, and the antichoice pigs in my party make me sick, as do dishonest right to life idiots.

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