Mississippi’s grumpy old liberal codger, Bill Minor, is back in old form with a recent attack on Voter ID, Delbert Hosemann and anything Republican. To paraphrase an old expression: he’s old as dirt, but too mean to die.

And who can blame him for being so angry? He’s lived so long that he’s come to realize most of what he’s ranted about and stood for over the years has been proven false.


Here he goes again – to borrow an expression by a Republican deity – Mississippi’s Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann, who continues to make banal statements giving the impression that the state’s proposed photo ID voting law is likely to survive federal scrutiny.

That’s not going to happen. The handwriting is already on the wall, as made clear from the D.C. federal court panel’s ruling on the Texas ID law, and the rough treatment South Carolina is getting from the Department of Justice on its photo ID Voter law.

To begin with, because of its history of suppressing minority voting dating back to the post Civil War era, Mississippi is the least likely state to get an OK under the 1965 Voting Rights law to make any voting rights change that smells like the old poll tax.

Furthermore, Hosemann keeps giving the impression he’s in charge of Mississippi’s submission of HB 921, the state’s photo ID voter law, to DOJ, when that is not the case. The 1965 Voting Rights Act designated the state’s chief legal office for DOJ to deal with. Attorney General Jim Hood is Mississippi’s chief legal officer. Though he has been low-key about it, Hood is the one to whom DOJ sends official letters if it asks the state for further information (as it has done) about its proposed voting law change.

That’s why behind the scenes Mississippi’s voter ID law is caught in a big impasse.

Subject yourself to more HERE.

2 thoughts on “Oh Bill, how we’ve missed your venomous rants!

  1. Amazing to me is the LACK of acknowledgement of all who are pushing back against Voter ID. THE PEOPLE OF MISSISSIPPI VOTED BY A 62% MARGIN FOR ENACTMENT OF VOTER ID IN MISSISSIPPI.

    All you who decry Voter ID at the same time will wrap yourself in claims of ‘democracy’ by the people, for the people, of the people should reign, but then turn fight around and say we should ignore that popular mandate. What are you all brain-dead that you can’t make that connection?

    Even the United States Department of INJustice will claim how important democracy is, but then turn around and then say Voter ID should not be enacted.

    The PEOPLE want this. Attacking ANY public official does not change that FACT. Bill Minor, are you entering your age-resultant lack of mentation to understand that?

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