Former Biloxi Mayor Pete Halat was released from federal prison to a halfway house Tuesday after serving 15 years for participating in a conspiracy that led to the murders of his former law partner Circuit Judge Vincent Sherry, and Sherry’s wife, former Councilwoman Margaret Sherry.

Halat, 70, is expected to be released from the halfway house April 24. He was convicted of conspiracy to commit racketeering, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Halat’s lawyer during his trial, David Chesnoff of Las Vegas, said he heard Halat was released to a halfway house and hopes to speak with him soon. Chesnoff does not believe Halat had any knowledge the Sherrys were going to be murdered. Many of Halat’s friends feel the same way.

Family friend and Coast restaurateur Bobby Mahoney said Halat’s wife, daughter and two sons picked up Halat on Tuesday from a low-security federal prison in Oakdale, La. Mahoney said

he believed they were taking him to a halfway house in Hattiesburg.

In response to messages from the Sun Herald, Halat’s daughter, Brandyn Halat Skeen, issued a written statement Tuesday night, “We will have no comment to the media until such time as Pete Halat is finally and fully discharged from the wrongful sentence he has endured for more than 15 years.”

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One thought on “After 15 years, Pete Halat released, family maintains innocence.

  1. I’m sure somebody has already been to Marion IL. and has made Kirksey aware of Mr.Halats release.Wouldn’t want to be Pete right about now.He may want to sleep with one eye open.Any stranger that passes him on the street could be there to tie up some loose ends…..

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