First-year state Rep. Jason White of West this afternoon announced his switch from Democrat to Republican, flanked by state GOP leaders including the governor, lieutenant governor and House speaker.

White said: “I cannot continue to fully represent my constituents with a D behind my name … Democrats in the House weren’t interested in my conservative approach, and quite honestly, I wasn’t interested in perpetuating their agenda which has held this state back.”

GOP leaders, and White, noted that he had already been voting their way during his first year in office.

House Democratic leader Rep. Bobby Moak, in a statement said: “I got to know Jason as a candidate in 2011 when he asked for help from Democrats. We were happy to help because we believed he shared our values and wanted to come to Jackson to work for Mississippi’s working families. Unfortunately, he’s spent the past year in total service to Republican leadership and out-of-state corporate interests. I’m sure his constituents are just as confused by his switch as we are. We wish him well and hope he has found a home.”

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