UPDATE: For a detailed explanation on this bill and what will be done to get it passed in the 2014 session. CLICK HERE.

The House voted 112-5 to repeal state law requiring motorists to get a Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection sticker, which cost $5 each. The measure was authored by Rep. Cecil Brown, D-Jackson. It would cost state coffers about $2.3 million each year.

Rep. Johnny Stringer, D-Montrose, noted that Florida, Alabama and Arkansas have done away with inspection stickers.

A similar bill died in committee in the Senate this session.

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17 thoughts on “House passes bill to repeal requirement for inspection stickers on vehicles.

    1. It was double referred in the Senate to Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency Committee chaired by Senator Nancy Collins; and to the Finance Committee chaired by Senator Joey Fillingane.

    1. Legislation will be coming up again in 2014. Call your state rep and senator and tell them you want it passed. Call Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and tell him to instruct his committee chair to allow the bill to go before the full Senate for a vote.

    2. why not just add five dollars to the price of car tags that way the state gets the full amount instead of the two dollars and fifty cents they currently get from the sales of inspection stickers.It has gotten rather hard to find an inspection station in some parts of the state and you have to wait until someone has time to issue a sticker,not to mention some of these people are rude and insulting.i am sure most everyone would much rather do this.

      1. I can understand why they are rude. Can you imagine paying your mechanic the hourly wage you pay and then have him spend time on inspecting an automobile for $2.50 an hour. That’s is plain stupid!

      2. They don’t have the right to be insulting because they have to pay their mechanics one fee and charge another. If they don’t want to operate an inspection site then they don’t have to apply for the license. But shop owners clamor for this add-on because it draws vehicles into their shops where they have the potential to make enormous profits.

  1. I had my car inspected earlier today. Got a nice, fresh sticker. Took my son to take his driver’s test less than two hours later. After waiting nearly two hours, the DMV wouldn’t let him finish the test because the right break light was out. I’ve always known that vehicle inspection was a scam, but this really brought it home for me.

  2. I live in Pennsylvania. I can see theses Blue-state Yankees having a big corrupt system like this, but down there in the land of the Rebel! How do you tolerate it!

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