English: CZ-2075D Rami pistol
English: CZ-2075D Rami pistol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll say it again: House Bill 2, signed into law by the governor, allows a Mississippian, with or without a permit, to strap on a pistol and stroll about in public.

That fact appears to now be dawning on some folks, including law enforcement and even some lawmakers who passed the bill, which becomes law July 1.

The new law defines concealed carry, saying a gun doesn’t have to be fully concealed as long as it’s in a proper holster. But it also states that openly carrying is allowed. A permit is required only for concealed carry, which no longer has to be very concealed.

Download it for Free!
Download it for Free!

2 thoughts on “Pender: Permit or not, totin’ a gun OK.

  1. My understanding of this law is that as long as your gun is at least partially concealed, e.g. in a holster or a pocket, it is considered to be concealed. Under this definition, if I “open carry” my gun in a holster, wouldn’t it be considered concealed since it is holstered? If that is indeed the case, I would have to have a concealed weapon permit to do so.

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