American Center for Law & Justice

Central Mississippi TEA Party (CMTP) President Janis Lane says her group is considering joining a potential American Center for Law and Justice lawsuit against the IRS in response to being unfairly targeted by the federal agency. The CMTP filed for tax exempt status with the IRS in 2010.

“We began doing some investigation and found that other Tea Party groups had received the same kinds of letters with the same type of questions,” said Lane. “We are thankful this information has come to light and hope that no other organization, no matter the cause or political bent, will ever have to go through this kind treatment by our government again.”

Lane says the group is presently watching developments closely and will decide when the time is right what their next steps will be.

“We will follow this very closely and determine our next moves based on the responses the Center for Law and Justice receives from the IRS,” she said. “But, we are prepared to push back against this type of bullying through legal means if necessary.”

“Our government is supposed to serve citizens equally, impartially,  and with respect. The IRS is supposed to be non-partisan but this incident shows some of the IRS employees cannot be trusted to uphold their mission.”

The CMTP is a grass roots group which maintains a presence in the Capitol during the legislative session encouraging elected officials to enact bills that will make Mississippi a more business friendly state, limit government intrusion, and to keep the state and country aligned with the Constitution.

Lane says that even with the threat of harassment, the group maintained it’s core mission and accomplished great things for the state.

“Even with the threat of IRS harassment, the CMTP has stayed focused on our grass roots efforts to bring our state and country back to the principles on which we have stood for over 200 years,” says Lane. “When we are a principled state and nation, we prosper; when we are not, we do not prosper.  The CMTP wants to see Mississippi and its citizens prosper, and we will not be intimidated from performing that very important task.”

CMTP Press Release


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