20130706-092422.jpgBY: Jansen Owen @JansenOwen

There are over 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living inside the United States. They are the people we stand in line with at Wal-Mart. They are the people we sit next to in church on Sunday mornings. We all travel the same streets, shop at the same grocery stores, and listen to the same music. They are our neighbors.

Our government failed in its very basic responsibility to protect and secure our nation’s borders. There should be better fences, more man power, and a more efficient and speedy immigration process that will encourage people to immigrate this country legally without breaking our laws. It comes to no surprise that these common sense policies were not implemented. Higher quality fences were not built, the man power didn’t increase enough to be effective, and the immigration process continues to be slow and unreliable.

Governor Rick Perry of the border state of Texas was quoted by Dallas Morning News as saying that law officers are frequently “outgunned and understaffed and do not have resources to do their job. The federal government has been an abject failure at sealing our international border.” These unprecedented failures in the American immigration and border control system leave us as with very few options on the table.

There is no feasible way that our government can deport the millions of illegal immigrants living inside the United States.  America is already nearly $17 trillion in debt and the cost of deporting these aliens would just increase that debt.

Before this problem can be solved, conservatives need to realize that the illegal immigrants that currently live within our borders are here to stay. They are not going anywhere. Amnesty is the only option but it should not come without a price. Those who have broken our laws should be held accountable. Illegal immigrants should pay their back taxes, pay their fines, and be placed in the back of the line, behind those who have chosen to enter this country legally.

Before any pathway to citizenship can begin we must first secure our borders. To grant amnesty without first securing our borders is like pumping water out of a sinking boat without plugging the hole. Letting our borders remain open to intrusion is irresponsible, stupid, and dangerous. The most important step to reform and solve America’s immigration mess is to secure our borders.

Conservatives know that most of the 11 million undocumented immigrants came to our country not to be a hindrance but in pursuit of a better life. We as conservatives are painted by the liberals and the left-wing media as anti-immigration or racist but we understand that America is a nation built by immigrants. We understand that they came to our country to provide a future and a life for their families. They came here with the understanding that in America, with enough hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieve; you can achieve the American Dream.

Conservatives have a clear opportunity to spearhead efforts in reforming and fixing our immigration problem. The ball is in our court.

About Jansen: Jansen Owen is from Poplarville. He is a sophomore political science major at Pearl River Community College where he is President of the Iota Mu chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Chairman of the PRCC College Republicans. Jansen is secretary of the Pearl River County Republican Party Executive Committee, treasurer of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans and a founding member of Generation Mississippi.

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