The Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition (MSCC) today released a copy of a letter the group is sending to Mississippi Superintendent of Education Lynn House regarding the development of the Common Core Standards and their impact on Mississippi students achievement.

The correspondence lists 14 questions pertaining to the development of the standards. MSCC plans to send more questions to Dr. House in the next several weeks regarding cost and technology requirements, data collection, grant applications and the role of the Federal Government in the states efforts to implement the new standards.

“This is a major change in our state standards, and there are many claims made by supporters of Common Core that appear to be unproven conjecture at best,” said MSCC member Senator Angela Hill. “There are numerous questions that are unanswered as to how the Education Department arrived at the conclusion that this is good for Mississippi, and what was done to get feedback from parents. There are conflicting statements about integration and alignment of these standards and the policies that support them that must be addressed before this should be allowed to move forward.”

The MSCC letter points out that the state Board of Education initially adopted Common Core, not as a drive to better standards, but as a result of the likelihood of “imminent peril to public welfare in the loss of substantial federal funds”, a quote taken directly from the state Board of Education minutes on June 25, 2010.

“It seems clear that the potential loss of federal grant dollars is what drove the Department of Education to adopt Common Core in Mississippi,” said Hill. “That is a poor way to run an institution charged with the welfare and education of students. The Mississippi Department of Education should be concerned first and foremost with high standards of education, not selling out students to keep federal money flowing in.”

Link to full letter:

MSCC Press Release 

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