The Commission on School Accreditation is recommending the Gulfport School District be placed on probation for the 2013-2014 school year.

The State Board of Education will vote on the recommendation Friday.

The action is the result of Gulfport schools not taking two key standardized tests in the previous school year, the Mississippi Science Test, known as MST2, and the Mississippi Curriculum Test, known as MCT2.

For three years, the Gulfport schools have participated in Excellence for All, a pilot program for Common Core Standards, and Superintendent Glen East said the district thought the program exempted them from normal state testing.

East said because the district was teaching Common Core instead of MCT2 in the classroom, Gulfport students were tested based on what they were learning, not the MCT2 curriculum other Mississippi districts were tested on.

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2 thoughts on “#CommonCore Confusion: Gulfport School District recommended for probation for improper testing.

  1. It bothers me that I cannot read the former Sun Herald article. They should have archives. This story about Gulfport Schools and their testing is about to hit the fan. Parents and the public have been deceived and that’s not by accident. Common Core fails to teach basics and the MCT2 material is far better. When the new Dumbed down Common Core tests arrive combined with a new lower grading scale, like Tennessee adopted, perhaps that will show an improved grade. David Coleman who wrote the Common Core standards and now writing the ACT tests would not want to expose his poor academia with poor scores. He will find a way to continue to deceive the public. The proof is is these tests scores and Superintendent East knows it. That’s why he withheld his school. We all know if Gulfport’s Common Core schools would have been able to pass the old tests they would have been at that table.

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