A state senator wants to allow online voter registration and believes there will be bipartisan support for the legislation.

Sen. David Blount, D-Jackson, said he is crafting a bill for the 2014 Legislature, which begins Tuesday, to allow online voter registration.

Blount said he doesn’t believe there will be widespread opposition because mail-in voter registration is allowed now. Also, he said the new law requiring people to show a photo ID to vote should allay any concerns over online registration.

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One thought on “Senator David Blount to push online voter registration bill.

  1. I am for voter ID, every legal American citizen deserves to have confidence in our electoral process. There is not that confidence now. I am against on-line voting. I believe when you do vote, you should have the ability to print out what your voter baller was to reflect. Personally, I believe there are many who wish we had paper ballets, just in case we need to check those chads. I believe that protecting the vote matters to a great many who deserve better in the process and the checks and balances.

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