BY: Rita Anderson

State Senator Chris McDaniel is on record as opposing Common Core if for no other reason, he says, than the federal government has absolutely no business influencing local or state educational matters.

That influence was sharply evident when my friend Bob reviewed his very young elementary-age granddaughter’s school work which dealt in a what he viewed as a rather slanted fashion with the issue of women’s rights. He asked her what she knew of Thomas Jefferson. She said she’d not heard of him.

Can we get a few more legislators like Sen. McDaniel who understand what is afoot here with the Common Core Initiative? The indoctrination of the young is taking precedent over the teaching of our American heritage!

We need to pass SB 2526 and to give parents and local districts a chance to truly evaluate these untested Standards for which our children have become the lab rats.

3 thoughts on “ANDERSON: Senator Chris Mcdaniel on Record Opposing #CommonCore

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