Mississippi lawmakers are moving forward with bills designed to make the criminal justice system more efficient and less expensive.

Among other things, House Bill 585 and Senate Bill 2784 say anyone convicted of a violent offense would be required to serve at least 50 percent of a sentence, and anyone convicted of a nonviolent offense would have to serve at least 25 percent.

House Judiciary B Committee Chairman Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, calls these “true minimums.” He said judges often give long sentences now because of uncertainty about how long an inmate will stay in prison. Judges have complained that crime victims are sometimes upset to learn an inmate has been released early.

The bills would give judges more flexibility to give alternative sentences, such as ordering treatment for drug users. They would, for the first time in Mississippi law, specify which crimes are classified as violent, for sentencing purposes. And, Gipson said they would strengthen requirements that victims be notified before an inmate is released from prison.

The bills were approved by committees Thursday, with the House bill moving on to the full House and the Senate bill moving on to the full Senate for debate later. The original version of the House bill is 184 pages long and the Senate bill is 191 pages, but they could grow as they move through the House and Senate.

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One thought on “#HB585, #SB2784 would make changes to sentencing laws.

  1. i think that by the state changin the law it is takin a big step in the right direction tax payers such as myself cant afford to take care of an irresponsible person who one after bein given a second chance to.get back out and mess all up again

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