The Mississippi Senate has voted to add “In God We Trust” to the state seal, as requested by Republican Gov. Phil Bryant.

Currently, it has an eagle and the words, “The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi” without a slogan.

Senate Bill 2681 ( passed the Senate on Friday and moves to the House.

The bill is called the “Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” and it says government may not burden a person’s right to practice religion.

Its chief sponsor, Republican Sen. Phillip Gandy of Waynesboro, is a Baptist minister. He says he’s heard no examples of Mississippi government trying to limit religion, but he’s talked to some Christians who are concerned.

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5 thoughts on “Senate votes to add “In God We Trust” to state seal.

  1. You know one would think with the highest unemployment in the nation that jobs and inequality would be more important that some random gov’s religious belief… you know why MS is at the bottom of every ‘best’ and the top of every ‘bad’ list…..

    1. Mississippians have always had time for God, as it should be. And actually, the latest BLS unemployment numbers show Mississippi tied with Kentucky for 44th, not last.

      44 KENTUCKY 8.0
      44 MISSISSIPPI 8.0
      47 CALIFORNIA 8.3
      48 MICHIGAN 8.4
      49 ILLINOIS 8.6
      50 NEVADA 8.8
      51 RHODE ISLAND 9.1

      1. Oh good…..something to be proud of these days……we pay these ppl to do the work of the state…a slogan is not gonna change anything or help anyone…

  2. I applaud “In God We Trust” on the seal. Many of us believe it is why we have been so blessed as a nation, until recently – for that, we only have ourselves to blame. It can only help for this to be placed on our seal. Thank you and I hope this takes place.

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