The vaunted “72-hour plan” voter mobilization efforts – where phone calls are made inquiring if likely supporters have indeed voted, where doors get knocked on multiple times, where voter registration is verified and where volunteers are accountable to votes in the way that salesmen are accountable for sales – has long been the stuff of Republican success in Mississippi.

But this is a Republican primary. There will be virtually no local races on the ballot statewide. In only one congressional district – the 4th District – is there another contested Republican primary and it’s a hot one between incumbent U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo and former U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor.

The mantle of incumbency gives Cochran serious advantages. There are few towns, counties, regions, organizations or individuals that Cochran hasn’t helped during a long and productive career. More people know him simply as “Thad” than as Sen. Cochran.

But generating and harnessing intensity is the province of youth, of outsiders, and of underdogs. That’s McDaniel’s hole card.

The management and motivation of turnout will decide this race – as it decides most races – nothing more, nothing less.

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One thought on “SALTER: Antics aside, turnout will decide GOP primary.

  1. “There are few towns, counties, regions, organizations or individuals that Cochran hasn’t helped during a long and productive career.”

    It seems to me, if this were true, Cochran would name names and list the things he has done to help Mississippians during his decades in Washington. Not only that, but the state of Mississippi remains rated 50th in most areas. If Thad has done so much good for Mississippi, shouldn’t we have moved up in the ranks even just a little? But, instead of listing his so-called “accomplishments,” Thad Cochran hides from the voters while making false allegations against his opponent.

    Thad Cochran is part of the status quo, and the status quo is what has gotten our country into the mess it is in now. If you are satisfied with the national debt and over-burdening regulations, vote for Thad; however, if you understand that things must change, and soon, in order for our country to survive, then please, I beg of you, get out and vote for Chris McDaniel on June 3rd.

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