BY: Errol Castens

I’m truly astonished by the number of self-professed conservatives who now sing a wholly different song in support of Sen. Thad Cochran.

Their one-note tune is that he’s good at bellying up to the federal trough. “Fiscal conservatism be damned; we’ve got to get ours while the getting is good,” they seem to say.

“More for Mississippi” is now a campaign theme.

Cochran fans offer, without a hint of shame, an article about “10 States Most Dependent on the Federal Government,” then laud Cochran for playing the lead role in that dependency.

It’s glorious, by their thinking, that Mississippi gets back three times what its citizens pay in federal taxes and that some states lose money on their “taxpayer investment.”

One supporter claimed, “If you flushed a toilet today, you should probably thank Thad Cochran” – pointing to a $17.7 million sewer grant for wealthy south Madison County. Without Sen. Cochran’s influence, apparently, all Mississippians – including owners of half-million-dollar houses – would be using outhouses.

“Free money” for sewers reflects the same entitlement mind-set that gives us multigenerational dependence, crony capitalism, farm subsidies for the rich and $1 trillion in student debt.

It’s the mind-set that forces people in Okolona to pay taxes for Oxford’s bike paths and lets Chambers of Commerce make decisions on national defense. It’s wealth redistribution with “conservative” labels.

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