Scott County detainees Joshua Bassett and Octavious Burks are at the center of a class action law suit. The ACLU filed the suit against the Scott County sheriff, district attorney and judges on behalf of the two detainees after it says the detention center has held people for as long as one year without appointing counsel and without indicting them.

This violates the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments which is the right to counsel, a speedy trial and a fair bail hearing.

“That’s not true,” said Sheriff Mike Lee. “Burks was indicted by a federal grand jury. His bond right now is five thousand dollars. He could easily bond out right now, but now that he has this federal indictment, we have to hold him here until they process him through.”

Octavious Burks is locked up for three felony charges including a felon being in possession of a firearm and attempted armed robbery.

Joshua Bassett is behind bars for a felony charge as well, burglary of an occupied dwelling. Right now Bassett does have a 100 thousand dollar bond.

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