The state auditor said Wednesday that his office is confident in the data collected and the demand issued against Judge Billy Joe Landrum.

“We do expect that money to be paid back to the citizens and to the local government in Jones County and we will hold him accountable for that at the appropriate time,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering.

The investigation into Judge Landrum’s use of funds from his community service program is ongoing. Currently his case is being reviewed by three separate agencies. The Jones County District Attorney’s Office is still looking over a summary report from the state auditor’s office which points out 14 possible criminal violations. Those 14 counts involve trips made in-state and out of state by Judge Landrum. Improper use of county vehicles is something Pickering says his office has dealt with before.

“We’ve had those exact same issues in the past on individuals who either pled guilty or were found guilty if they went to trial from issues of public funds,” said Pickering.

Pickering said if the D.A.’s office puts together a case to go before a grand jury to get an indictment, certain issues will have to be addressed because it does involve a judge.

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