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There is a problem with the youth culture in this country. There is also a problem with the Republican Party. They actually have very similar issues. The youth don’t understand certain words and Republicans cannot comprehend how to reach the youth. This needs to be addressed not only to unite, but to grow the Republican Party. Minorities and the youth in this country are also similar in that the GOP fails to capitalize on grabbing their attention. For years, many people in both categories have thought that Republicans were against the youth and people of color. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but the GOP does a very poor job at reaching either of these. What is next then? What does the GOP truly need to do in order to change the mindsets of many misled Americans? Lead them in the right direction of course. Easier said than done.

Younger Americans today, don’t quite understand nor are they interested in many key words that Republicans or conservatives tend to use. Conservative is one of them. It’s like the word Republican itself as well, where these words have been thought of as negative almost subconsciously. Liberals have done a great job in this regard. For years they have shouted louder to the youth and minorities on what they think conservatives or Republicans stand for. The frustrating part as a conservative is that Republicans fail to defend themselves. This has to change. There are a few fresh faces that are helping change this in Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and even Chris McDaniel in Mississippi. The GOP can learn from these guys.

There are certainly more words that come to mind like liberty, prosperity, and independence, but it’s not that they don’t always understand these terms, it’s simply they aren’t attracted by hearing them. Sad yes, but the Democrats realize this and they take full advantage of it. It is time Republicans caught up to this.

We live in a society today where many young Americans are more interested in pop culture activities than politics. They prefer comedies, music, movies, reality television, video games, and social media. This is our culture believe it or not. Liberals were first to the punch in reaching the youth using these particular outlets. These things are what interest young men and women. Republicans must use pop culture to help spread their message. Social media has changed the way many live their lives, but it has also helped change politics. The Republican Party has to start doing a much better job at reaching younger Americans and minorities. They have to start today, not tomorrow. Most of us are tired of hearing politicians talk about how they will help bring change once elected, but then they fall right in line with the rest of Washington once they take office. Americans are not buying that any longer and we are holding them accountable. Enough is enough.

So, listen up GOP! More doing and less talking. Get out there and spread your message. Make a difference. Setup shops in Black communities, local colleges and universities, and be part of the change. You have to start explaining your history better and defending your principles. Start talking to the youth with respect. Show them you not only care what they want, but that you are truly in this fight with them. This is what they want to hear. If they are watching YouTube videos, comical skits, and listening to pop music, then utilize those resources. Just reach them! Start talking more on liberal shows. Go on their comedy programs or create your own. You don’t have to change your principles, but you do need to change your messenger.

There are a few new patriots in town that go by the names of Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, and Mike Lee just to name a few. Even Chris McDaniel down in Mississippi, who put up with a lot and risked a great deal by taking on establishment Republican Thad Cochran for US Senate. These new faces will bring a much needed spark to help promote conservative values.

If you would like to help or become part of change, then join your local political club. Learn about the Republican Party and the true history and be sure to educate and inspire others. Start attending local Republican Party meetings and speak out to let them know your voice will be heard. If a group does not currently exist at your college or university, then create one. There is so much you can do if you just make the choice to get involved.

The GOP has a lot of work to do, but listening to those of us working hard in the grassroots is a great way to start. It’s not only about adapting, evolving, and changing, it’s about America.

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