Education officials are looking for ways to expand Mississippi’s state-funded early education program. The Department of Education is asking lawmakers for an increase in funding.

State funded pre-k has been a reality in Mississippi for nearly two years, but to date only 11 local programs have received financial backing. Yet, efforts are underway to expand the program known as Early Learning Collaboratives.

Carey Wright is the State Superintendent of Education. She says her department has already asked lawmakers to triple the appropriation for the ELC’s from $3 million to $9 million.

“We had three times as many applications as we did funds last year,” says Wright. “So this coming year we’re going in asking for nine, and hoping that that will be still the three that currently exists, but also six million to expand the collaboratives.”

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2 thoughts on “Mississippi Dept. Of Ed. wants $6 million more from taxpayers to expand pre-K.

  1. No, no additional monies collected from taxpayers. Not even for this. Too much has already been put on the taxpayers now, paying for “EVERYbody to have everything. Prices are higher on everything. Families are already hurting, state government officials just are oblivious to harm they have caused. Ya’ll voted in Common Core, far majority are very much against this. Has become where schools and parents are pitted much against one another, much to do with this Common Core and almost feeling like schools think of “our” children as their property – and I’ll add, a “marketable commodity” to broken. Mega dollars (bribe, as far as many of us see) brought in Common Core, bringing in all kinds of political, and Islamic/Muslim push into our schools and that big money you received rather blinded your need to hear anything parents have to say. Have heard at some grade, our children are supposed to recite their prayers – which my grandchildren will be absent that day. We cannot bring anything of christian material (on which this country was founded and which if any religious subject matter were going to be told, it is the christian faith that we would want in our schools) Do not understand political material going into schools praising obama, as many feel much damage has come to this county under his reign. Do not understand teaching of constitution, if the teaching is to indoctrinate someone prefered wants of what constitution says than the reality of what document says. Understand Islam/Muslim organizations, likewise, are paying all millions to each college, wish strings to have influence. Therefore, NO, we are not wanting to give additional taxpayer dollars for badly managed funds or to further this role of our children being marketed, bought/sold to highest dollar, and school “curriculum” dumbed down. We would probably prefer to keep all our dollars that go to the schools and have schools come up all over that could compete for our dollars to invest into our children for those that can best develop their skills in each curriculum study. Given what is going on in our schools, first time would have ever said – but no more tax dollars to schools.

  2. Sorry for misspelled above, answered quickly. It just seems you are not “collectively” considering what has come on taxpayers already. In addition, what I said regarding concerns about schools today vs. the good the schools used to do, is a well founded concern. Also, present day concern about teaching of children that they are supposed to be ashamed of who they are, purely because of present day politics. We just need to be concerned, in schools, to teach the academics and personal encouragement of each child.

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