BY: John Scott | MS Business Journal

The state has filled its rainy day fund. Revenue projections are running ahead of budget. Now, through the leadership of Gov. Bryant, Lt. Gov. Reeves and Speaker (Philip) Gunn, our elected officials are looking at ways to return tax dollars to hard-working Mississippians.

A tax cut, particularly targeted at lower-income wage earners and self-employed workers, is under consideration. This could most easily be accomplished through an increase in the standard deduction up to certain income levels. Or, if properly designed, the Democrat proposal to reduce the sales tax rate on groceries could be appealing.

In any event, these ideas are currently being studied proactively for the 2015 Legislative Session, as they should be. That is leadership and vision.

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One thought on “SCOTT: Mississippi’s elected officials understand leadership and vision when it comes to taxes.

  1. With Obamacare being a drag on the economy and will worsen after the 2014 election cycle some plan to assist hiring to avoid the health care mess that is going to hurt especially the low income would be a start.

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