BY: Sam Hall

This will come as no surprise to most voters, but Childers seemingly got into this race for one reason: Had incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran lost his primary, Childers was ready to wage a war for the heart of Mississippi voters. He would have tried to paint a narrative that offered a choice between moderate, pragmatic Mississippi values and a far-right national movement.

But Cochran won, which essentially leaves Childers as a lame-duck candidate.

In many ways, people were hoping Childers could rekindle his 2008 “magic” in 2014. He won a special election in a wide-open field after a runoff against then Southaven Mayor Greg Davis on May 13, 2008. Six months later, Childers once again defeated Davis in the regular general election, winning a full two-year term by a 10-percent margin.

Two event spurred Childers’ victories in 2008: [Read More]


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