BY: Joel McNeece

Most people I’ve talked to over the past week seem genuinely delighted to have last week’s elections behind us. That’s an indication of how brutal some of the campaigning was, combined with the frustration and indifference many people feel regarding modern day politics.

I, too, am frustrated to go through an election season when true issues weren’t really discussed. We’ve become so partisan with our politics that true debate of issues isn’t productive to campaigns.

I would hope next year, with local and state races on the ballot, we hear more discussion about issues I believe pertinent to Mississippi citizens – whether or not we need to expand Medicaid, education funding at all levels, whether a minimum wage increase is needed, the widening gap between the haves and have nots, and how we’re going to improve our failing roads and bridges.

I hear many say “we can’t count on Washington to fix our problems.” We can’t count on ourselves either if we’re not willing to have actual debate. Perhaps a new election year will bring about better discussion.

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