Gov. Bryant Announces Members of Task Force to Oversee Mississippi Department of Corrections Contracts Review

Governor Phil Bryant has announced the members of the task force to oversee the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) contracts review. On Nov. 6, Gov. Bryant stated all vendor contracts associated with companies listed in the indictment of former MDOC Commissioner Christopher B. Epps would be re-bid. Additionally, all other MDOC contracts will be reviewed to ensure they were both legally procured and in the best interest of the taxpayers.

On Nov. 7, Gov. Bryant issued an executive order creating the task force to oversee the MDOC contracts review and re-bidding process.

“The members of this task force bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in the legal field that will be valuable during the MDOC contracts review process,” Gov. Bryant said. “I thank them for dedicating their time and energy to the task force.”

The co-chairs of the task force will be Andy Taggart, an attorney and former chief of staff to Gov. Kirk Fordice, and Judge Robert Gibbs, an attorney and former Circuit Judge for the Seventh Judicial District of Mississippi.

The three other task force members are:
• Mike Moore: attorney and former Mississippi Attorney General
• Constance Slaughter-Harvey: attorney, former Assistant Secretary of State, and president of the Legacy Foundation
• Bill Crawford: president of The Montgomery Institute and a former member of the Mississippi Legislature

The task force already has begun reviewing contracts and will meet for the first time in early December. All the meetings of the task force will be subject to the State’s Open Meetings Law.


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