BY: Congressman Gregg Harper

A significant majority of Americans oppose President Obama’s stubborn, “my way or the highway” approach, and yesterday the president simply did not listen to the American people. He did exactly what the American people said on Election Day they didn’t want.

Our country has a broken immigration system that needs a real solution, not a quick fix. The president’s unilateral action on immigration is not an effective, long term solution to our broken system, and it will set back the American peoples’ goal to move forward with effective an accountable solutions.

Hardworking taxpayers deserve a president that respects the Constitution and consults with the American people to get things done — not one who acts alone when he deems fit.

This begs the question. The President says he has to act because the Congress will not. So why did the President have to act unilaterally if the Democrats had control of both the House and Senate for the first two years of his administration? And why did President Obama wait to grant amnesty after this midterm election? The common denominator to both questions is that President Obama knew the American people opposed it, and he did not want his fellow Democrats to be held accountable at the polls. And does anybody really believe the president’s claim that border is more secure and more illegal immigrants are being deported? Me either!

Make no mistake: Republicans will utilize the many tools afforded to us in the Constitution to bring an end to the President’s unilateral executive action on immigration. The voices of Mississippians are clear: “Work together to deliver commonsense solutions.” That’s what my Republican colleagues and I are committed to do. It is time for the President to stop acting alone, listen to the people, and join us in solving this problem.


2 thoughts on “HARPER: President Obama’s immigration approach is abuse of power.

  1. “Work together to deliver commonsense solutions.”

    Ah..yeah. 50 plus years of “working together” and look where we are now.

  2. Harper, spew all you want about Obama’s abuse of power, but YOU SIR are complicit in allowing him to weild it.
    As long as money is raised for 4 hours every day to enrich your coffers for re-election rather than acting as a servant of the people who elected you (stupidly), we have little hope in championing the very abuse you so casually mention.
    It is a straw man’s argument you make when you obviously have no intention of changing that posture and you instruct your staffer Jordan Downs to deride (rudely, I might add) when they speak with him to voice their opinions on the vote of the day. Amnesty funding was the most recent included in the CR omnibus bill FOR which you so willingly voted as did all of the Mississippi delegation (except Bennie Thompson) to give away our hard-earned taxes to all the your pet projects under the guise of “helping Mississippi”. You are no longer fooling many of us and that number is growing.

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