The Clarion Ledger is reporting that Lt. Governor Tate Reeves says he now believes that Common Core may be a problem. However, many conservatives aren’t convinced that Reeves’ change of heart is anything more than an election year conversion.

Senator Chris McDaniel released the following statement:

“I am pleased to see Tate change his mind on Common Core, but I fear this is little more than election year pandering,” said McDaniel. “The Mississippi State Senate Conservative Coalition has stood strong against Common Core from the beginning, and the Lt. Governor stood in the way and dismissed our efforts at every opportunity.

Leaders like Senator Michael Watson, Senator Angela Hill, Senator Melanie Sojourner and all of our coalition members have taken our message to the people across Mississippi and we have shown time after
time that this is another federal scheme in a long line of federal schemes. Mississippi parents and Mississippi educators can do better.

The Lt. Governor’s call to name a task force to look into Common Core is not necessary. We know what Common Core is. We know what it is attempting to do. We just need the courage to stand up for Mississippi
parents, teachers and students and end this now. That’s what we tried to do in the 2014 session. That is what we will do again in 2015.”

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Senator Melanie Sojourner also had the following comment:

“Nearly one year after Lt. Gov. Reeves had his leadership team refer to those of us in the Senate Conservative Coalition as conspiracy theorist and fought us on every corner for leading the charge to repeal Common Core, he has come full circle.

I do appreciate the Lt. Gov. coming to realize what the majority of Mississippians already knew and call on him to waste no time. A task force is not needed to study the issue. What is needed is a legislation passed to fully repeal Common Core and to have it take effect immediately upon passage”

One thought on “Lt. Governor Reeves has a change of heart over #CommonCore, Senator McDaniel and #MSCC responds.

  1. Has been hashed and rehashed. We want our children out from under common core, one way or the other. Many of us are trying to organize to get our children and grandchildren out of the MS Public School System if it’s going to continue with common core. We’re not buying into the “committee” delay and posture.

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