Republican Gov. Phil Bryant says state Superintendent of Education Carey Wright needs to understand “she’s not in charge of public education in Mississippi. The public is.”

Bryant’s comments came Tuesday after he was asked about Wright’s strong support for Common Core State Standards, which outline what children should learn in English and math.

Most states have adopted Common Core, and Mississippi has spent years implementing it. Bryant says he believes the standards could give the federal government too much say in education.

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2 thoughts on “Gov. Bryant has strong words for Supt. Carey Wright: “She’s not in charge of public education. The public is.”

  1. Common Core should be dismantled. It would definitely serve the best interests of the children if the school system, teachers, and parents were “back to” the time when there was mutual respect for what the other was in that child’s life and there was the foundation that if they worked together on that child’s education, the child would be well served. This has all gone by the wayside, since common core (the many aspects of common core) came on the scene. We do not see an advantage that will short term or long term benefit our children from this. In fact, we feel our children have been greatly hendered. Get rid of common core.

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