JFP is reporting that the No. 2 money leader according to recently filed campaign finance reports of those seeking to become the next Ward 1 Jackson City Councilman owes federal taxes going back nearly twenty years.

His campaign manager is Senator Sally Doty from Brookhaven.

Investment professional Ashby Foote has collected from nearly 30 individual contributors who gave between $250 and $1,000, with three giving $5,000.

Businessman Leland R. Speed represented one of two $5,000 donations to Foote; C Spire co-founder Wade Creekmore of Ridgeland also gave $5,000. Like other candidates, Foote used a good chunk of the $23,600 he has spent so far on printing. Foote also gave $3,000 to Republican state Sen. Sally Doty of Brookhaven for campaign management and advising. Together, his contributions totaled nearly $36,000.

Records for Ashby and Suzie Foote show that five state and federal tax liens were assessed between 1996 and 2012 totaling $164,537. Foote, who founded Vector Money Management, told the Jackson Free Press that the unpaid taxes were a result of getting behind during times of economic downturn.

According to the report, Foote said he has made a plan with the IRS to pay back what he still owes on the 2012 lien, a current balance of around $60,000 from the original total $75,763, over the next three years.


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