A Coast lawmaker Wednesday called Gov. Phil Bryant’s plan to cut income tax for some Mississippians “political hogwash,” and said he’d rather see an overhaul of the entire tax system.

“I may make a political blunder here by saying this but it’s just how I feel about what’s going on in Jackson right now,” said Rep. Scott DeLano, R-Biloxi, when asked at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce Legislative Update about the possibility of repairing aging roads and infrastructure. “All this talk about tax breaks and tax cuts and all this stuff is just political hogwash, in my opinion.”

Bryant, also a Republican, said last month he wants to cut taxes for Mississippians who earn less than $53,000 as part of his 2016 budget proposal.

The cut would return $78.7 million to about 300,000 households, an average tax cut of about $250 a year, Bryant estimated.

DeLano isn’t impressed.

“Yes, I would love to be able to give tax cuts to every Mississippian, not just a select few,” he said. “I’d like to see taxes reduced on groceries and pharmaceuticals.”

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