Meridian Public School District Superintendent Dr. Alvin Taylor has a problem with education reform and says he believes the legislature should leave education up to the “professionals”. Taylor specifically has a problem with the new state requirement that all 3rd graders be literate before being promoted to 4th grade.

Members of the Mississippi Legislature recently passed a new law in hopes of improving reading comprehension.

“It’s called the Mississippi Based Promotion Literacy Act,” Dr. Taylor said. “With this law it states that all 3rd graders across the state, in the spring semester have to take a literacy test. They have to pass that test in order to be promoted to the 4th grade.”

According to the act, any student who doesn’t pass the test, which looks at reading comprehension, regardless of grades, will be held back.

“Fortunately if a 3rd grader doesn’t pass a test for the first time, they do get three retest opportunities before the next school year starts,” Dr. Taylor said.

Dr. Taylors says superintendents within the state were told to enforce the law, but they don’t understand it. Parents have voiced concerns over the law, and Dr. Taylor says now the Meridian Public School District is just working on getting students to read more.

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