Early arrivals from out of town. Meet & Greet Time at Jackson War Memorial 120 North State Street, Jackson, MS

Head to the Capitol to be inside Room 113 by 11:00am

Welcome Time, Senators Angela Hill/Michael Watson leads. C.L. Bryant introduced

Go into MS State Capitol Senate and House Galleries. Be sure to have red Stop Common Core buttons and stickers VISIBLE!!!

12 Noon
MS STATE Legislature convenes. Remain in gallery.

MS STATE Legislature adjourns

12:30pm -2:00pm (FLEXIBLE TIME)
Lunch/Circle the Capitol. You may bring your own lunch or eat at several places within walking distance.

Plan to spend at least 20 minutes with us during this time to circle the Capitol with Common Core signs! Be visible to those legislators leaving for lunch around the 12:30 pm time if you can schedule your 20 minutes during this time!

1:30 PM
For the Children’s Sake Balloon Release at the MS Department of Education. 82 Red Balloons, representing the children of all MS counties, will be released.

MS FREE Rally. South steps of Capitol

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