House Republicans pushed through a proposal for alternate wording for a state constitutional referendum on school funding Tuesday, as supporters of the original language howled that the effort aimed to sabotage the November vote.

House members voted 64-57 to approve an amendment that would require that the Legislature provide an “effective system of free public schools.” All but two Republicans voted for it, while all Democrats who were present voted against it.

House Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden, R-Meridian, said he helped draft the language to focus on results, not just money.

“Education funding is not an end unto itself. It’s simply a tool, it’s simply a means to an end — a very important means — but it’s a means to an end,” Snowden said. “The ultimate question is what are our results? What are we achieving? How effective are our schools?”

If senators agree to the resolution, both original language and the Legislature’s version would appear on November’s ballot. Voters can choose one or the other, or reject both.

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