Senator Chris McDaniel today released the following statement in support of National Religious Freedom Day.

National Religious Freedom Day commemorates the adoption of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom that became the basis for the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

Senator McDaniel authored Mississippi’s landmark Religious Liberty Law in 2013 that re-established the state’s commitment to the rights of all to freely worship.


“I join today with millions across the country to celebrate National Religious Freedom Day and with those who believe that if we are ever going to get our country back on track, it is going to start in our churches,” Senator McDaniel said.

The foundation of everything we believe, the cornerstone of society, is religious freedom. It is the driving force of engagement and involvement that comes from that freedom that has made our country the most prosperous in history. It is not man-made designs but our faith in a higher calling and purpose to serve one another that has created prosperity.

“God has shined the light of his blessings upon our willingness to serve. It is the millions of unknowable transactions of neighborly kindness and prayer that we all take for granted every day.

“This is the foundation of a country of traditions that is worth preserving.

“I will continue my dedication to those traditions and to the rights of the people to freely worship where ever they may be, whether in the classroom or in the public square. I will continue my service to the people that they may have a voice and a place to share their unique God-given gifts with others.

“Religious Freedom is what allows that Power to bring us into individual renewal and prosperity.

“We must never allow the divisive schemes of secularism and the cultural worship of ourselves to hide that from the world. We must renew our commitment to the spiritual guidance only available to us by our Creator. Christians must stand now like we have never stood before, and we must do everything within our power to maintain that right without compromise.”

Sen. Chris McDaniel Press Release


4 thoughts on “Senator Chris McDaniel on National Religious Freedom Day: “Christians must stand now like we have never stood before.”

  1. Now if my children are in a classroom where the right to worship is exercized who will lead that worship, by what principles will it be guided, to which divine being offered, which religious texts used?

  2. Hey Guys: As we all know pursuant to natural law, all men and women are created equal. Therefore, I think that Mr. McDaniel overstates himself when he says that religion is the foundation of our beliefs and the cornerstone of society. Rather, the foundation of our beliefs is based upon individual liberty and the cornerstone of society is based upon individual freedom. It is from these two places that religious freedom sprouts. Without the the absolute
    right for all individuals in society to be able to think, believe, or to not believe as their individual conscience dictates, there can be no freedom of religion. Rather, one is forced to live in a godless theocracy which masquerades for spirituality. I do agree with Mr McDaniel 100% that we are often blessed
    based upon our willingness to serve others and to impart acts of kindness on our neighbors. I continue to find it strange however, that he manages to select those Christian principles which are convenient to him, yet continue to ignore those that get in his way. If there is one principle that Jesus made clear, and that Paul reiterated, it is that Christians are to live in the world, but they are to refrain from getting involved in worldly matters. And yet, The Anointed One and other good Christianists continue to ignore this admonition by their involvement in matters of politics and governance. Hmmmm.
    David Frazier

    1. I would agree that natural law provides that we are created equal. But from Where does natural law come? It comes from God.

      Maybe I’m splitting hairs here, but I don’t read the Senators remarks to say religion itself is the foundation and the cornerstone. The statement say “religious freedom” is the cornerstone of society. A small but important distinction.

      Without the freedom to act on our faith we are compartmentalized as little more than a club that gathers to discuss religion.

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