The Mississippi Faith and Freedom Coalition called on the House and Senate leadership to provide solid legislation to repeal Common Core State Standards “CCSS” that matches their public promises and recent headlines.

The Coalition views House Bill 156 authored by Speaker Gunn as a simple rebranding of the standards providing no outright repeal of CCSS and no process for developing replacement standards. Although Senate Bill 2161 authored by Sen. Videt Carmichael addresses more of the ills of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, it errs by requiring the involvement of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) in the process of new standards and assessments development.

If codified, SB 2161 would in effect place control over Mississippi’s standards with SREB, an out of state entity unaccountable to the voters and whose flagship initiative is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and guided by the “National Common Core State Standards.”

The Coalition is in agreement with the position of Governor Phil Bryant that Mississippi educators are fully capable of driving a process to develop a set of college and career ready standards. We advocate developing our own standards and/or drawing from the pool of superior pre-CCSS from other states which are free and in the public domain.

The MS Faith and Freedom Coalition is the state chapter of the national organization Faith and Freedom Coalition (


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