BY: Bobby Harrison | Daily Journal

Tea Party Republicans had entered the 2015 session saying they would not be satisfied with anything less than the elimination of Common Core standards, which they claim are part of an attempt by the federal government to take over local school districts.

During debate of the proposal to change the name, no House Republican raised any objections – even when Education Chairman John Moore, R-Brandon, who has some Tea Party leanings himself, explained that the bill would not force the state Board of Education to change the existing Common Core standards it has adopted for the state.

Needless to say, do not expect all Republicans to be on board with just a name change when the issue is debated in the state Senate later this session. Tea Party Republicans like Michael Watson of Pascagoula and Chris McDaniel of Ellisville will make sure of that.

During the past three years, a handful of Republicans have voted with Democrats in the House to limit the strength of charter school legislation and to block vouchers from being awarded to allow special-needs children to attend private school.

But now during 2015, on the two biggest issues yet, both also involving public education, Republicans have been in near unanimity. This has Gunn re-evaluating his pledge after the House voted down the special-needs voucher bill in 2014 that it would not be an issue in 2015. Now, the speaker is talking like it might be.

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2 thoughts on “HARRISON: Speaker Gunn forces through bill to rename #CommonCore, won’t be as welcome in senate.

  1. We are not interested in a name change but rather, a complete removal from the roots up, of Common Core (or the same, by any other “name”), from our Mississippi schools. The Superintendent of Education is an appointee from you, not an elected official and these are our children in these schools. If you are unable to influence and be effective on behalf of the parents of our children in these schools, then that position needs to be one elected by Mississippian voters.

  2. I had thought Speaker Gunn had come to his senses this term. Sadly he appears to think we are so stupid that just changing the name of the Federally directed Common Core will trick us into silence. IT’S SO SAD TO REALIZE THAT HE’S JUST ANOTHER POLITICIAN WHO TAKES THE TAX MONEY PAID BY US PEASANTS AND SPENDS IT ANY WAY HE WISHES. We demand local control of our schools!!!

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