In the wake of several dog attacks in Mississippi, many of them from pit bulls, comes a 24-page bill, dubbed the Mississippi Regulation of Dangerous Dogs Act. (HB 1261)

Those pages are drawing serious criticism, and some believe that legislation violates the U.S. Constitution.

Pit bull owner Don Tullos believes that.

“As you can see right here with Colt, they’re not all the same,” Tullos said.
Colt is Tullos’ three-year-old pit bull, a shy dog who eventually warmed up to his new visitors.

“He came to us when he was about a year old, and he was petrified of people. He would literally tuck his tail and run. Now he comes,well, you saw,” Tullos said. “He lets you pet him, love on him.”

Tullos said his dog is proof that people can’t label a breed as inherently dangerous.

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One thought on “House Bill 1261 that would define and ‘regulate’ dangerous dogs comes under fire.

  1. It would be just GREAT if the Legislature would start paying attention to the needs of the people who have been voicing concerns over how our children are be used to the will of the Federal Government and not addressing the EXTENSIVE public outcry against Common Core, rather than going after dog owners without warrants to contain their dogs.

    I hope the Speaker and Lt Governor will acquaint themselves with the Constitution, and especially the Bill of Rights with respect to this issue.

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