As debate over bills in the MS Legislature gets into full swing, file this one away under ‘right-before-you-said-that-you-should-have-shut-up’.

Sen. Will Longwitz of Madison, hoping to stop debate about a bill that would legally require insurance companies to extend coverage, reportedly said:

“I would ask you today if we’re going to have an ideological battle, let’s not do it at the expense of children.”

Senate Bill 2581:

requires health insurance policies to offer coverage for autism treatment like Applied Behavior Analysis for children ages 2-8. It also regulates the practice of ABA therapy and requires providers obtain state licenses.

Some argued the state shouldn’t tell private insurers what to cover and questioned why autism would get special recognition.

They asked why the state shouldn’t also mandate health insurers cover obesity, diabetes and Attention Deficit Disorder.

The report didn’t indicate whether Longwitz said where he would prefer debates over bills to take place, nor why the state senate is not the place best suited for such discussion over legislation.


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