BY: David Dallas | Mississippi Business Journal

It’s not much of a stretch to say this Elvis would probably be just as good if not better for Mississippi as Lieutenant Governor than Tater, who is about as inspiring as a yawn.

Tater has led the most charmed life in the history of Mississippi politics, a testament to the old Woody Allen axiom that “90% of life is just showing up.”

Tater first showed up in 2003 riding Haley Barbour’s coat tails into the State Treasurer’s Office. Tater was Barbour’s handpicked boy. With Barbour’s help, Tater outspent two, more qualified and better known, Republican opponents in the Primary that year. He then went on to defeat a more respected and qualified Democrat, outspending him nearly 4 to 1.

It may not be coincidence that Haley Barbour’s middle name is “Reeves?” Just look at them. Their jaw lines are not dissimilar. And Tater is still Barbour’s boy. All of the old campaign staffers who worked to keep Haley in office are now “grinding for their Tate.”

Tater has consistently out raised and outspent his no-named and even non-existent opponents by the widest of margins. His political war chest by this time is probably worth more than the actual Elvis Presley Estate.

Tater is the kind of politician the Supreme Court’s Citizen United ruling benefits, a politician who answers to money above all else. Money is what wins elections and that makes Tater invincible.

But never mind the lack of funding, hope has arrived for Mississippians who dare call themselves Democrats. Elvis is in the building.

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