Senators Wednesday passed Senate Bill 2519, which would repeal the requirement that vehicle owners get a $5 safety inspection each year.

The bill goes to the House for more debate.

Proponents, including Republican Sen. John Polk of Hattiesburg, say too often no inspection is conducted. They also say cars are better-built now, and safety inspections are less needed.

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One thought on “Senate bill repeals inspection stickers.

  1. Cars are better built but they are not producing crack resistant windshields! We own a small glass shop in Greenville, Ms. What you are proposing will not only put small glass shops out of business but you will be allowing unsafe vehicles on Mississippi roads. If your going to do away with inspection stickers, at least require the vehicle pass a inspection in order to purchase a tag. Monitor closely these inspection stations. Lawmakers that have expired stickers or no stickers are breaking the law. Why are they above the law???? You will also the loosing revenue for the state. Looks like to me, you do not care about small businesses in Mississippi. Small businesses are what is supporting the state! Please reconsider the options.

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