BY: Bill Crawford

Uh oh, former state senator Tim Johnson and Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef have turned the public spotlight on an ugly thing politicians like to keep under the rug.

Johnson is a successful impersonator, mostly of Elvis Presley. Nosef suggests Johnson also impersonated being a Republican. Over a 20-year period Johnson was elected as a City of Madison alderman, state senator, and Madison County supervisor – all as a Republican. Then, on February 4th, Johnson transfigured himself, announcing he will run for lieutenant governor as a Democrat.

“I guess this begs the question of whether he’s really been a Republican all these years or just a Republican impersonator,” Nosef told the Associated Press.

Say it ain’t so, Joe! There are politicians who impersonate their commitment to party, platform, or issues!?!

But wait. What about all those state senators and representatives and city and county officials who converted from Democrat to Republican over the last several years? Were they impersonating Democrats before they changed? Or, are they now impersonating Republicans?

Has Johnson really changed? Or is he now impersonating a Democrat?

All this gets to that ugly thing – politicians who are willing to say and do whatever it takes to get elected, stay elected, and move up in power. The issue changes, they change. The electorate shifts, they shift. The opportunity to win requires a change, they change.

This is the down and dirty side of politics they don’t want spotlighted.

So, how is a voter to know if a politician is real or just an impersonator?

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