“The freedom to call things what they are and not feel inhibited by an overbearing force promoting untruths, felt liberating beyond words.”

PrintIt was a freedom that in 2011 allowed Ramona Treviño to sleep soundly at night for the first time in months, a freedom rendered all the more cathartic by her years of suffering: emotionally absent parents, an abusive and broken marriage, a spiritually deadening employment stint with a pro-choice giant. But Treviño’s decision to quit her managerial position with Planned Parenthood and reject all its empty promises engulfed her in a freedom borne only from “the world we’ve claimed through faithfulness to Christ.”

Treviño, who has been called “the second Abby Johnson,” recounts her moving journey from Planned Parenthood facility manager to outspoken pro-life advocate in Tuesday’s latest release from Ignatius Press, Redeemed by Grace: A Catholic Woman’s Journey to Planned Parenthood and Back. A slim 145 pages and written in a straightforwardly personal style, Redeemed by Grace is a moving testimony that will galvanize pro-life efforts and move the hearts of readers who have endured any of the author’s many trials—and triumphs.

Read More about Ramona’s story.


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