BY: Ann Voskamp

“He must become greater; I must become less.” – John 3:30

“Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” – Matthew 20:26

The world tilts upside down and finally aright when we see all platforms simply taking on the form of service.

1. Serve from a real place: A platform isn’t about remarkable marketing; it’s about serving in a remarkable way. It’s about serving from a real place of humility, authenticity, and vulnerable transparency. Jesus’ platform was a place of serving from his real humanity, as he walked and talked and broke and gave away his real life. The most remarkable platforms are those that are altars that leave the mark of the sacrificed Christ. Are you serving from a real place or a pretentious place?

2. Serve a real need: A platform is a holy place to kneel down and wash the very real wounds of the hurting. Jesus’ platform wasn’t about pushing his agenda or ‘product,’ but about caring for people’s afflictions and pain. Are you serving a real need or a hungry ego?

3. Serve real value: A platform isn’t about self-serving, but is about humbly serving possible solutions. Jesus’ platform was about bending low to offer that which had real, eternal value. Are you serving real value or what makes you look valuable?

Platforms are never about marketing a service—but serving in remarkable ways. Cease striving to get to a higher, greater platform—and start praying to go lower to serve greater.

Could have been the tulle and satin that made Jennifer Lawrence trip trying to get up to that platform. Might be what you see in checkout headlines and in the pages of the Good Book:

The soul was never made to carry the weight of fame.

Fame can only be carried by the One who could carry the weight of the world on that Cross.

You can see it in the anatomy of a soul: we weren’t made for standing on platforms, but were formed to serve from the beauty of bent knees—the servant lowering into the glory of the upside-down Kingdom.

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