Senator Chris McDaniel today announced he would seek re-election to a third term in the Mississippi Senate. McDaniel has been heavily courted by conservative groups across Mississippi to run for higher statewide office. He has been the subject of intense speculation and has been mentioned as a possible contender for Attorney General and Lt. Governor.
McDaniel launched the United Conservatives Fund PAC in late January to help unite and elect conservatives across the state. He said he will continue to faithfully serve the people of the 42nd district while working to build a strong conservative base.
“I have spent a great deal of time with my family and closest friends in coming to this decision,” said McDaniel. “I am honored by the hundreds of personal calls and thousands of messages I have received asking me to seek higher office. However, I believe the best possible decision I can make for my family and for the conservative movement in Mississippi is to seek reelection to the Mississippi State Senate and continue to build a solid foundation for conservatives to come together across the state.”
“The response across Mississippi to the launch of the United Conservatives Fund over the past month has been incredible. Hard working conservative Mississippians are ready to step up and serve like at no other time I can remember. That is why I have decided, rather than take the political movement we built in 2014 and run another campaign in a single election, the best possible way for me to positively change the future of Mississippi is to give those resources to the people. Together I believe we can take back our state capitol from political interests and strengthen the backbone of the Republican Party at the same time.”
“I am a proud son of Jones County and the Pine Belt,” he added. “Serving them has been my honor and I am happy to offer my service to them again.”
McDaniel said that discussion about his potential as a future federally elected official is one that still interests him.
“If there were an opportunity to serve the people of Mississippi as a federally elected official in the future, that would be something I would be very interested in,” he said. “But, as with this decision, when that time comes I will pray about it and consult with my family and friends before taking any such step. I am not one to politically position myself. I awake in the morning and I fight the battles that God presents to me that need to be fought. I will continue to do that in service to the people of District 42 and all Mississippians.” 

Chris McDaniel Press Release


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