BY: Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

Mississippi Conservative Daily

The Republican Establishment in Mississippi is downright gleeful, or so they say, over the fact that neither Chris McDaniel nor Michael Watson jumped in the Lieutenant Governor’s race to challenge Tate Reeves. But are they happy, or relieved?

On WLBT’s political “Red Blue Review” show with Nash and Taggart, the pundits used the occasion to strike out against McDaniel and his conservative base.

Nash, the self-professed Liberal Democrat on the show, praised Taggart, the so-called “conservative Republican,” for his assessment that Tea Party Conservatives in Mississippi were not that big in numbers. His proof? Neither of the big three state senate conservatives – Chris McDaniel, Michael Watson, and Melanie Sojourner – stepped up to challenge Tate Reeves. They “chickened out,” according to Nash, a statement for which Taggart was in full agreement.

Not to be outdone, Alan Lange of Y’all Politics took his own shots and dredged up old arguments that have been de-bunked months ago. Senator McDaniel had already dropped hints that “he really wants the bright lights of DC and the Mississippi state politics really doesn’t matter that much to him. That might explain his attendance record.” This last petty poke has been thoroughly rebuked.

Keith Plunkett, the Communications and Policy Director at United Conservatives Fund, slammed both Lange and Taggart.

“It amazes me that Alan Lange can live in a huge house in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Jackson and can cast aspersions on who does and does not decide to submit themselves to public service.  Working class people like those across this state who wish to participate in the political process deserve credit for stepping forward, not to be called names. 

“Furthermore, it is disappointing to hear my old friend Andy Taggart agree that candidates ‘chickened out’ and that conservative groups were a small thing in the state, when he himself sat down with me and had hoped to sit down with Senator McDaniel in order to gain access to the coalitions we built during the 2014 campaign for his own desired run for Attorney General.  The Tea Party and conservative coalitions weren’t such a small thing to him then.”

I too find it interesting that these hacks slam Senator McDaniel for not being interested in state politics. Why then is he running for a third term in the Senate? And his senate legislative record, one that I have just recently detailed, is more than impressive; it’s downright gleaming. I dare Lange or Taggart to show one that can compare with it.

The Tea Party, says Lange, is nothing more than “a clown show and should be recognized as such.” This “‘ultra-conservative’ wing still appears to be a loud but numerically small minority in Mississippi and Qualifying Day 2015 certainly proved that point.”

So, quick question to the self-anointed political experts: How do you explain the “clown show” leading McDaniel beating the unbeatable Thad Cochran on June 3 and then bringing in more than 187,000Republican votes on June 24, if the conservative base is so small and silly in Mississippi? It’s a base of support that is far larger than viewers of the Nash and Taggart show or readers of Y’all Politics combined, I can tell you that!

In fact, McDaniel’s base is bigger than the Tea Party itself. The numbers don’t lie. McDaniel’s base is the same coalition of support that secured Reagan two landslide victories in 1980 and 1984 – a combination of libertarians, social conservatives, and fiscal hawks. The coalition that Chris McDaniel built to face Thad Cochran was so large that the Barbour machine had to bring in thousands of Democrats to defeat it.  And that is an indisputable fact.

Just what is it about the Tea Party and Movement Conservatism that the GOP Establishment hates so much? Do they realize that Liberal Democrats also hate the Tea Party? I guess it’s like the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together!

Let me remind these “experts” that it was the Tea Party movement, you know that grassroots uprising against Obama, that is 100 percent responsible for taking back the House in 2010, and it was the same base of voters who backed candidates with a strong conservative message in 2014, allowing Republicans to take control of the Senate and widen their lead in the House.

In between those two mid-term elections were the most recent presidential contests, won by the most liberal Democrat in American history, Barack Obama. Now how did that happen? It’s quite simple really. The GOP Establishment shunned conservatives and nominated their own candidates, because, you know, we can’t win the White House with a radical Tea Party connected-conservative. The Establishment picked the nominees in 2008 and 2012 – McCain and Romney – and they both lost to a community organizer!

News flash: If you geniuses in the Establishment, like the Barbours, Taggart, and Lange, succeed in nominating Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, or any other pseudo-conservative, YOU WILL LOSE AGAIN! But only this time it will be worse.

The State of Mississippi is faring no better than the nation, thanks to the GOP Establishment. The economy and job creation are ranked dead last in the nation, and the latest school ranking also placed Mississippi schools in last place. Yet Taggart, Lange, Reeves, and the rest of the same ole establishment bunch keep doing the same ole thing, thus proving Albert Einstein and his definition of insanity correct.

It is this “loud clown show” that is serious about reforming our state and our nation, those patriotic citizens who want to roll up their sleeves and get to work. It is the proponents of True Conservatism who are standing up to Obama and his transformation of America. It is not the Establishment, which is caving in to the community-organizing Socialist at every turn. It is political leaders like Chris McDaniel, Michael Watson, Melanie Sojourner in Mississippi, and Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, to name but a few in Washington, who are fighting for our liberty and for better government each and every day, the very ones Lange, Taggart, and the rest of their ilk throw bombs at every day!

So allow me some parting advice: If you folks in the Mississippi Republican Establishment would work as hard on enacting reform legislation as you do attacking conservatives like Chris McDaniel, Michael Watson, and Melanie Sojourner, then this state might eventually get out of last place. Otherwise we are destined for continued failure.


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