In a press release, IHL Commissioner Jim Borsig said a meeting Thursday between Jones and the Board was the resumption of a series of meetings to address financial concerns at UMMC that had started before Jones’ cancer diagnosis last year. Jones returned to his duties as chancellor last week.

“The Board had discussed these and related concerns with Dr. Jones over a lengthy period of time and these matters were not corrected to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees,” Borsig said. “The Board cannot directly manage an institution or replace employees other than the institutional executive officer; therefore, the only practical remedy available to the Board was a change in leadership at the Chancellor level.”

The release did not offer much detail on the nature of the Board’s financial concerns at UMMC. Individual board members have either declined comment, not returned messages, or referred questions to Borsig.

“However, we want to make it very clear that the Board has no concerns over the personal integrity or honesty of Dr. Jones or any other employee of UMMC,” Borsig said in the release. “Dr. Jones has provided strong leadership in many facets of the University of Mississippi during his tenure. However, the Board cannot overlook its longstanding concerns regarding the business and financial affairs at UMMC. The University of Mississippi is one of the great public universities in our nation. The Board of Trustees is committed to selecting the best possible leader to take the university to even greater levels of achievement.”

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